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I have two weddings coming up in october/november.  Im looking for a fall dress, kinda different and modern.  Any websites or stores?  I've checked all the major places (jc penny, macy's ect) Thanks!
    It's September 11th 2011.  Seems like only yesterday it was 2001 and the world watch the towers smoke and burn slowly.  The world waited patiently for hope, help, a cure that would never come.  It's a day that reminds you that whatever is going on in your life, will get better.  But for those who witnessed, lived through, or died ont his day it wont get better.  Children lost parents, spouses lost their spouses, and thousands of innocent people died. 
     But what did they die for?  Terrorism has been a part of our culture for centuries.  Why do people feel the need to hurt people to get their point accross?  Although its sad to not understand how people can do such things, its better to think of the hero's of our country.  The men who joined the army to defend their country after the attack.  The firefighters (and even civilians) who went into the towers and saved lives.  And finally to those on flight 93 who fought back and saved lives by ending their own.  The American spirit is astonishling amazing.
    In the midst of so much sadness and anger, we must remember peace.  Violence fought with violence is no answer.  The Muslim community is not to blame.  Al Qaeda is a small, rationalist group of terrorist.  Lets have this anniversery not only be one of mourning and respect, but of hope for new beginnings.  And prayers for our soldiers out there.  Someday this will finally all be over, but for now, we wait.
Rest in Peace those lost today, ten years ago.
Missed, Honored, and Not Forgotten
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